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IntraHealth Namibia, through the KP-STAR project, works towards the improved care of young people and Key Populations living with HIV and AIDS.  Together, we offer training through our Healing Light workshop, which is targeted at supporting healthcare workers to be able to give empathetic and appropriate care to people who make up the specific Key Populations of men who have sex with men, transgender men, transgender women and sex workers.


In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, IntraHealth Namibia also organises HIV Rapid Testing training to train project staff, including Case Managers and Peer Educators, on HIV-AIDS epidemiology; HIV rapid testing in different communities and interpretation of HIV test results accurately; linkage of HIV positive clients/KP’s to treatment and other issues related to the provision of HIV services. Participants who completed the training met pre-certification requirements for HIV Rapid Testing. The activity is part of the organisation’s contribution to the national goal of ensuring HIV epidemic control.

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